Goe Oil for Hair - test subject no. 1

So, I've been reading about all these stylists using goe oil for hair, and I realized that I hadn't tried it myself. Attached are some not-so-pretty pictures of me, slightly hard to see because of the background, but the results are amazing! I have thick hair, so i used a little more than recommended. Maybe about the size of a quarter [rather than a dime], in the palm of my hand. No airbrushing, no photoshopping, no make-up (doh!), no other products, applied to damp hair after shower and air dried. This is a curly hair dream product! Eliminates frizz, my hair is soft, not oily, tightens curls, adds shine... I'm in love!
- jessica
jao ltd. designer

BEFORE (obviously)
AFTER (amazing, right?)


Kara said...

Wow!! I'll have to get my hands on this stuff. Thanks for posting.

organicorange said...

That is really amazing. I have thick African Anerican hair . Looks like this would work wonders.