Dry Cold Windy

Oh when will spring arrive. The wind today really is annoying, tho the sun is splendid, my lips are dry while the LIPJAO provides....xxo G


My Friends Medicine Cabinet

Award for best medicine cabinet goes to...Adam Morris!


Goe Oil for Hair - test subject no. 1

So, I've been reading about all these stylists using goe oil for hair, and I realized that I hadn't tried it myself. Attached are some not-so-pretty pictures of me, slightly hard to see because of the background, but the results are amazing! I have thick hair, so i used a little more than recommended. Maybe about the size of a quarter [rather than a dime], in the palm of my hand. No airbrushing, no photoshopping, no make-up (doh!), no other products, applied to damp hair after shower and air dried. This is a curly hair dream product! Eliminates frizz, my hair is soft, not oily, tightens curls, adds shine... I'm in love!
- jessica
jao ltd. designer

BEFORE (obviously)
AFTER (amazing, right?)


Goe Beach!

Goe Oil Surfside 'cause life's a beach or so we wish.


Jao. Because its a dirty world.

please be patient while this loads, thanks.


Well we don't like to brag and we don't like to boast but speaking of our Goe Oil and things on the West Coast Planet Beauty's been selling like hotcakes of yore our Goe as it flies out the door! Thanks Cali we love you!