Truth in Aging

Another great Jao Hand Refresher review!
below is an excerpt, or click the link to read the whole article.

"Among Jao Hand Refresher's legion of uses, I've heard that it will zap zits, bust germs at the gym, cool off the under-arm area, and provide an aromatherapy pick-me-up. Its formula is even safe for the sensitive skin on the face, where it has reportedly been used as an after-shave and an astringent. The name is clearly misleading - this "hand refresher" works wonders on the whole body.

Though the initial squirt smells strongly of alcohol, the gel then seems to transform into an herbal potion, leaving a lovely lavender aroma as it dissolves on the skin. Unlike every other commercial antibacterial product I've used, this one didn't make me want to rub my hands on a towel to get rid of a yucky, wet residue or an overpowering, sickly scent. Ethyl alcohol tends to be less drying, but I nonetheless felt an urge to moisturize my hands soon after "refreshing" them."

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