So this is how you do the Jao Outdoor Skin Experience, apply Patio Oil first. Patio Oil is formulated like Goe Oil only different oils, same Jojoba but with 20% Lemon Eucalyptus Oil and Soybean. It feels best on clean skin after a day at the beach and your shower. Its lemony, and slightly woodsy, and keeps the bugs away with 20% Oil Lemon Eucalyptus and soybean oil. Add a spritz of Outscent and the outdoors is upon you. And you, are amongst it. Carry your Patio Oil Moisture Mist with you, because you will want to share it. On hot nights sitting on deck, patio, boat, campsite, park, concert, beach, picnic...squirt on skin, rub it in. Feel cool, smooth and bugfree. Its cooling on the skin, so on hot summer nights it'll feel amazing. It softens the skin with hemp and jojoba oils. Keeps the bugs away with 20% Lemon Eucalyptus Oil and soybean oil. And it smells kind of amazing, a little woody, lemony, subtely earthy. These make a great gift set!


Patio Oil Moisture Mist...it's for your buggy backyards, decks, hanging on the patio, or late night stroll on the beach. Walking in the woods? Camping? Chilling outdoors cocktail hour means mosquitos...but now you are feeling cool calm and collected with our Patio Oil Moisture Mist. 100% Natural for your Outdoor Skin Experience!

Patio Oil Moisture Mist

Well we did it. One year later and just in time for bug season meet Jao's newest addition to the family,
Patio Oil Moisture Mist. Here we are making the product in the wilds of Pennsylvania.