Flight 001

We love Flight 001. A great store that makes you want to take a trip with the best products around.

And speaking of great products look what's included in their super fantastic flight kit....

The Make-up Artist & her Kit

Goe Oil : Coming Soon!

Jao Hand Refresher

Jao Hand Refresher was tested against seven of the most likely hand contaminants, specifically: Escherichia coli, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Staphylococus aureus, Klebsiella pneumoniae, Candida albicans, Salmonella choleraseous, Streptococcus pneumoniae.
In all cases, the "kill rate" was less than one minute.

The ELLE 2008 Green Stars

David Mayron

Gale & Wendy

The gang

(L to R) Gale, Wes, Cliff, David & Wendy

Here is the gang at work. Wendy runs the entire business, customer service, shipping, everything. She is an angel. Wes ( in the striped shirt) is like another father to me. He was my neighbor growing up, nicknamed me Reds, and taught me softball. Cliff is a wonderful addition to the family, an old family friend. There you have it...the story of Jao.

You will love our other products too. Each one made with the utmost of care and sensitivity. Our Goe Oil is 100% natural, and another totally original product. Dad and I were working on it for the last five years... on and off, you know how it goes....

Jao, a family business

Gale and David Mayron

This is me and my dad. He is the most amazing man. The best dad a girl could have. Ever since I was little I loved what he did. We always talked about creating something, a family business... we just didn't think it would take us so long to do it. After dad retired from forty-four plus years of experience to the artful synthesis of ancient pharmecopoeia and modern science in R and D at Smith Kilne is Center City (aka Philly), he and my mother bought a tiny plot of land in Hatfield, PA, and dad and mom built a little building, The Lab. I had had this idea of keeping my hands clean while on the job and in 1995 I asked dad one day while on the back porch, "How can I wash my hands while on the go?" "Gelled Alcohol" was his reply. Well, that wasn't as interesting as I would have liked, so I got to thinking, did a little research...anyway here we are 13 years later, on the market with Jao Hand Refresher since 1997.